Sustainable Heating Systems

Air source heat pumps - A renewable cost effective approach to your heating requirements.

At Premier Heating we are able to offer a full design, installation and ongoing service arrangements for the incredibly efficient source heat pump.

An air source heat pump, powered by electricity, uses an outdoor unit to extract low grade heat from the atmosphere and by clever adaptation raise this heat to a temperature which can be used to heat water for home heating needs.Heat Source Pumps

Several options are available:-

The low temperature option, designed with new homes in mind that have a far greater insulation value than older properties, provides water at 55°C and is ideal for under floor heating loops or low temperature fan coils instead of traditional radiators. The fan coils can also be used in the summer months to provide cooling. Hot tap water can be provided by means of an indoor unit and special hot water storage tank.

The high temperature option, producing hot water at 70°C is great for the replacement of traditional heating systems such as oil or gas etc whilst retaining existing radiators. The indoor unit can be combined with a sanitary hot water storage tank in a stylish design to fit within a standard 600mm square footprint. 

The monoblock option, combining the low temperature outdoor and indoor units in a single outdoor unit gives additional flexibility where indoor space is restricted.

In addition to the lower energy consumption other key benefits of the air source heat pump include, no flues or external walls required, uses only 240 volt electric supply, no requirements for gas or oil or unsightly storage tanks, can be used in conjunction with solar panels and thermal stores, grants up to £1,800 available (£900 of which has a limited availability), and only 5% VAT payable on the domestic installations.

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